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Sina Weibo Backlash Beginning as US Consulate in Shanghai Gets Banished (EN)

The official Weibo page of the US Consulate in Shanghai has met its end, today being blocked by Sina (NASDAQ:SINA) with no explanation. Formerly on this page, the US Consulate joins the ranks of the New York Times and the Bloomberg accounts in all being blocked in recent weeks. Instead the US Consulate has taken to a rival microblog service, Tencent’s (HKG:0700) Weibo, and is posting there instead.

On the move: Mobile gamers now outnumber PC players in China (EN)

The number of mobile gamers in China is expected to hit 192 million by the end of this year, according to market researcher Niko Partners. This means that the number of mobile gamers now likely exceeds the number of PC players in China.


China’s Group Buy Market Plummets to 12-Month Lows (CN)
New statistics for China’s group buy market show dramatic drops in monthly transaction volume and value. The latter plummeted 23 percent from the May figure to hit 2.08 billion RMB (US$329.4 million) in deals sales in June. As for the transaction volume, that sunk to a year-long low of 38.38 million orders in June, which was down 26 percent from May. Although the monthly drops could be seasonal – with folks perhaps moving away from daily deals as the school summer vacation starts in mid-June – it is very significant that the sales volume reached a year-long low, dropping below the 40 million mark for the first time in 12 months.

Liushen Rejuvenates Outdated Chinese Fragrance – Hua Lu Shui (EN)
Hua Lu Shui (花露水, huālùshuǐ), which can be directly translated as Floral Water, is the name of a Chinese herbal fragrance with many medical functions, such as preventing heat rash, relieving itchiness, and killing germs. Intensive traditional media spending including TV and POS has helped the brand gain recognition and popularity all over the country. The next steps for Liushen seem to be rejuvenating the brand to talk to the younger target and creating brand loyalty through social media.

Meituan: $66 Million in Sales in June, Profitable by Year’s End (CN)
Many people are massively skeptical of Chinese group buy sites – both the sustainability of the industry as a whole, and the veracity of the claims made by individual daily deals companies. To allay those fears, the market leader Meituan is making available monthly sales stats, despite it being a private company that doesn’t need to make these public. The latest figures for the month of June reveal an ascendent 422 million RMB ($66.39 million) in sales, up from 360 million RMB (US$56.54) in orders in May.

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